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"Gossip Girl #1: A Novel" by Cecily Von Ziegesar


PUBLISHED DATE: April 1, 2002

ISBN: 978-0316910330

PAGES: 199

Gossip Girl is proof that trifling is not exclusive to race, class, socio-econimic status, or location!

Set on the Upper East side of Manhattan, where the Masters of the Universe, Titans of Industry, and Wolves of Wall Street call home, live the ratchet gossip girls. These girls live off sex, drugs, booze, status, and slander - with an anonymous gossip girl giving a recap of all the scandal in her newsletter.

Serena and Blair are lifelong friends, with Serena being most recently away at boarding school. Serena is the "it" girl. A beautiful waspy blond party girl who's rich, popular, models, and has her pick of the men. Of course - the gossip follows her everywhere she goes, especially when she comes home after being kicked out of her prestigious boarding school. Blair is her thicker, less attractive flunky who was able to assume the limelight with Serena out of the picture. Now that Serena is back, Blair so not trying to share the spotlight. There are so many rumors swirling about Serena - she's a slut, she had a baby in France..she's on drugs... And her face - plastered on buses an billboards all over the city make Serena an inescapable force. This book is that trashy guilty pleasure made from the same ingredients that keep the tabloid industry in business.

Recommendation: If you like to read about the stank tales of rich stank-utantes.....this is for you!

Audience: Young Adults (Grade 9 and up)

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