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Zipper Earphones


Earphones (even cheapies will suffice)

Zippers (again...even cheapies will suffice)

Sewing Needles


Yesterday CrafTeens made Zipper Earphones, and it was awesome. I bought 20 $1 earphones (...YES...$1.00 earphones), 7 packs of 3 for $1 zippers, 2 packs of $1 needles, and 2 packs of threads - also $1 from the Dollar Junction in Bloomfield, NJ to buy all the supplies I needed. The total came to somewhere around $35.

8 enthusiastic teens - including 3 guys, made the craft. It was very easy, somewhat relaxing, and absolutely fun. You just sew the zippers onto the earphones for a tangle free earphone set. What an awesome life hack! Not only did my teens enjoy making the craft, but they got some cool free earphones! Now they have no excuse when we ask them stop playing music on the computer or on their phones! They have their OWN earphones! Check out this tutorial on how to make Zipper Earphones with your teens! Enjoy!

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