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"Miles Morales" by Jason Reynolds

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

PUBLISHER: Marvel Press

PUBLISHED DATE: August 1, 2017

ISBN: 978-1484787489

PAGES: 272

Miles Morales is a highly anticipated and thoroughly engrossing story to add to the Spiderman franchise. I am highly convinced that Jason Reynolds can do no wrong when it comes to writing intriguing tales that provoke conversation and this novel proves it.

Miles Morales is an typical Brooklyn teen with atypical superpowers. He has loving parents, a cool ass Korean friend named Ganke, and a fierce love interest Alicia. All seems to be going right in Miles' world when he gets accepted into the prestigious Brooklyn Visions Academy. When Miles gets suspended from school he begins to doubt himself and his abilities until he learns that he's being targeted by Mr. Chamberlain, and that there are a number of Mr. Chamberlain targeting young boys of color and effecting them with nightmares. Reynolds weaves this fantastical element with high incarceration rates of men of color by introducing Miles' uncle Austin.

This was definitely a different take on the Spiderman story, and a take that I think is much needed in the comic book universe. Fans of the traditional comic series may long for a bit more action, but it is clear that social justice themes are central in this story.

Recommendation: Read it! Satisfying story by an author who delivers.

Audience: Young Adults and up (though...I think this book would definitely be appropriate for the middle grade set.

*I purchased the audiobook version of this book on

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