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"Moxie" by Jennifer Mathieu

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

TITLE: Moxie

PUBLISHED DATE: September 19, 2017

ISBN: 978-1626726352

PAGES: 336

I listened to this audiobook in preparation for a book discussion hosted by YA Wednesdays.

This book took me right back to high school. I almost forgot about all of the rampant misogyny, groping, fondling, and bullshit sexual harassment prevalent in high school. My high school experience was in the late 90s. Moxie takes place in the present and is the experience of a Texas high school teen. This is eerily similar to the sexist climate present in my New Jersey high school 20 years ago.

Vivian is an average small town girl. She tries to go with the flow. She fits in her tight knit community though she longs for more progressive surroundings. Though she comes from a heavily macho-male sports dominated small town culture - she notices all of the double standards and decides to do something about it.

She secretly starts a zine - much in the tradition of her mother, who'd once been a radical feminist - and covertly organizes demonstrations in her high school, which quickly becomes a movement. This novel has a lot of heart and also serves as a rallying cry for girls to come together and stand up for one another. I can imagine that a lot of teen girls may want to start similar discussions and movements in their schools. I'd really be curious to see if that happens. This novel is very sweet - from what I remember of high school, and middle school - the reality facing girls in public education is far more bleak. This is a good conversation starter just the same.

Further Reading and Watching:

Recommendation: Read it! This book is a rallying cry. It really wants the reader to take action - and honestly with all the rape and harassment scandals coming to light - we are beyond overdue.

*I purchased this audiobook on Audible.

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