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Madden Tournament: Cops Vs. Teens

Today I'm hosting my first ever Madden Tournament: Cops Vs. Teens event. The brave men and women who serve on the East Orange Police Department will be going head to head versus the teens in an epic Madden 16 game challenge on PlayStation 4s.

Establishing a positive relationship between your teens and the police officers in your community can be an excellent way to bring your community together, and to let teens and police officers interact in a way that is positive and constructive.

If your community police department has a community relations officer - reach out to them and ask if they have teens interested in a community building activity with teens. My idea was for Madden 16 - and it just so happens that the police officers in East Orange are Madden 16 enthusiasts! But it doesn't have to be Madden 16. It can be a game of Spades, or NBA2K, or checkers, or a Scrabble Tournament! Get creative! Empower your teens to network and build relationships with community members outside of school and the library. Be prepared for the excitement and buzz you'll attract!

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