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"Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

TITLE: Gone Girl


PUBLISHED DATE: June 5, 2012

ISBN: 978-0307588364

PAGES: 419

What in the hell did I just read...

Now...I supposedly read this book a few years ago. Apparently I didn't, since I gave it 2 stars on Goodreads, and couldn't remember any of the book past the first few chapters. This book is irreverent, subversive, engrossing...addictive...and I loved and hated it all at the same time...where do I begin...

Nick is the good guy. The good handsome guy accustomed to getting any woman he wants and getting by in life on his midwestern charm. Nick meets Amy, a brilliant personality survey writer, at a hipster party in New York. They marry, and for a few years everything goes good...very good, until things go sour. With wit, insight and quirk Flynn writes about a toxic marriage in an era of social media, court TV, and the new millenium recession. Laugh out loud funny in parts, and bitingly sarcastic inn others, this is a novel that will stay with you. When Amy discovers that her good wholesome husband, is both a liar and cheat, she uses discipline and her offbeat nature to, as we say around my way, "fix his ass". This is probably one of the most epic revenge stories I have ever read, and the most glaring example of "white feminism" on steroids.

If only I could call an emergency book club meeting - I have a strong urge to dissect this one with some bookishly inclined minds.

Recommendation: Read it, if you haven't already. It's a bestseller and a movie for a reason.

Audience: Millennials and Beyond

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