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"Ahgottahandleonit" by Donovan Mixon

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

PUBLISHED DATE: March 21, 2017

ISBN: 978-1941026465

PAGES: 288

This was a solid read. There were some interesting things going on. It did feel a little drawn out to me, and I did feel it could have been edited a bit - but overall I felt that this story had good bones.

Tim is trouble reading. Which is how he got stuck in wet asphalt. He couldn't read the sign. Hadn't he got stuck in the asphalt he wouldn't have gotten beat up by street Bully Marcus. Insecure about his stuttering, inability to read, and his father's alcoholism - Tim has a chip on his shoulder.

Tim's mother works hard to keep the family together while Tim's father spends everything he makes on alcohol. Tim's sister is bright, but because she is overweight, Tim ridicules her to feed his depleted self esteem. Tim's voice was authentic, even if the book dragged and felt redundant in places. Overall this was an okay read.

Recommendation: If you're looking for a gritty interesting read, this book is for you.

Audience: Young Adults and Up

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