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"Here Comes the Sun" by Nicole Dennis-Benn

PUBLISHER: Liveright

PUBLISHED DATE: July 5, 2016

ISBN: 978-1631491764

PAGES: 352

This book has layers. This is truly a brilliant and haunting debut, and I'm excited to see what else Dennis-Benn writes.

This book is a very intense read about mothers and daughters, oppression, colorism, sex work, identity and sexuality, capitalism and corruption....there is so much here. I've tried jumping right into another book, but I think I need to sit on this one for a while.

Delores has two daughters. Thandie and Margot. Thandie is the youngest, and for Delores and Margot has come to embody the to women's hopes and dreams. Delores hikes ticket prices for tourists while Margot works long hours at a hotel, working long into the night to satisfy the sexual curiosities of the tourists who visit the island. Thandie caves under the weight of the expectation of the women along with carrying the burden of colorism. These women, haunted generationally must come to terms with their own self hatred, and their ever illusive ill gotten gains. There were so many piercing moments when I held my breath. This story has been aching to be told, and Dennis-Benn's writing provides the perfect vehicle to give voice to these three powerful stories. This book is not to be missed.

I listened to this book on performed by Bahni Turpin, and she did a PHENOMENAL job!

Recommendation: READ IT!!!! It's one of the best books I've read this year.

Audience: Millennials and Beyond

*I purchased this audiobook on Audible.

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