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"Slice of Cherry" by Dia Reeves

AUTHOR: Dia Reeves

PUBLISHER: Simon Pulse

PUBLISHED DATE: January 4, 2011

ISBN: 978-1416986201

PAGES: 512

This book is for all the twisty blood-thirsty girls who ever just wanted to stab somebody and watch the guts spill out.

I'm not saying that I AM one of those girls...I'm just saying....this book right's for you.

Slice of Cherry is about sisters, Kit an Fancy, who are the proud daughters of a serial killer who goes by the moniker "Bonesaw Killer". The pair take joy in killing, especially rapists and bullies. The two satisfy early cravings for blood by keeping a boy tied up in their basement as a pet. But soon, they wish for more.

This book has so much in it...a wish granting slave ghost, serial killing black girls, a complex sister relationship, sibling cock-blocking, monsters, minions, an alternate name it, it's here at the buffet of gore. For me, this book seemed to get better as it went along, and this is saying a lot, as horror and supernatural stories are not my favorites, but this was one I appreciated. I wish this book would have started as strongly as it ended, but overall, I feel like this book was ahead of it's time. If you missed this book when it was published, it's definitely worth the read.

Recommendation: Read it!

Audience: Young Adults (Grade 9 and up)

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