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"The Pact: Three Young Men Make a Promise and Fulfill a Dream" by Sampson Davis, George Je


ISBN: 978-0756990671

PAGES: 263

OMG!!!! This book is everything. If I could sum up my life's mission statement, what I would want to do with my life, it would be to create more stories like this. Stories like this is why I started Hype Lit, it's why I work at the East Orange Public Library, and it's why I am fighting to bring customer service to my teen patrons. My patrons are predominately African American males between the ages of 15 to 18. If these three young men can make it - having grown up just a few blocks from where I am currently working, the young men I work with can make it too. One of the things that struck me, was when each of them could recount people in their lives who had made a positive impact on them. One said a 3rd grade teacher who taught him to think for himself and have confidence in himself. Another said a friend's father who treated him as a son. All of them could claim that their friendship was based in being positive and utilizing friendly competition as motivation. At every turn, these young men, even when they'd gotten themselves into trouble with the law, couldn't rely on their parents, or were tempted by the streets, had positive people acting as the wind beneath their wings. I was in awe. If more of the youths I work with had more people believing in them and pushing them in more positive directions, they'd be able to overcome a lot of the obstacles they face.

These three doctors from Newark, NJ wrote about their journey to becoming doctors. They all overcame tremendous odds and speak of how they were able to persevere until they completed the goal they initially set out to do. I could relate to many things the authors spoke of, and I was really touched and inspired to keep reaching and aspiring in my own life. Now I'm going to be putting this book into all of my patron's hands because this is a very necessary read.

Recommendation: Required

Audience: Everyone with a pulse

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