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"Fast Break" by Mike Lupica

TITLE: Fast Break

AUTHOR: Mike Lupica

PUBLISHER: Philomel Books

PUBLISHED DATE: November 3, 2015

ISBN: 978-0399256066

PAGES: 272

Jason is a boy in turmoil. His drug addicted mother dies leaving Jason to fend for himself. He goes to school, feeds and clothes himself, and tries to manage his grief alone. When he can't take not having the proper sneakers for basketball, this twelve year old, goes to FootLocker and steals a pair. He is caught, and social services is made aware that this child is living along....this is the beginning of a heartbreaking and inspiring tale of one boys journey of self healing through sports, patient caregivers and friends. I enjoyed the story, though it was a bit more sports heavy for my tastes. I appreciated it though, because for the right reader, this would be welcome.

Recommendation: Read it! Truly, it's a good story that dispels stereotypes.

Audience: Tweens and up

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