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"Tricks" by Ellen Hopkins

TITLE: Tricks

PUBLISHED DATE: August 25, 2009

ISBN: 978-1416950073

PAGES: 640

I listened to the audiobook, and I was very confused. The voices, and stories all blended together for me, so if you can read the print copy, do that. This book has tons of reviews on Goodreads of folks who loved this book. It is a beloved book and author in my library, so I borrowed the audiobook from my library's Overdrive.

5 teens from different socio-economic backgrounds, religious background, all hetero except 1 find themselves, for various reasons, making a living as sex workers. This is a very raw and gritty book, and at times I cringed. Hopkins really went there in describing how these teens get lost and turned out...on drugs, sex, gambling, and craving love and affection. This is a deeply moving and at times disturbing book.

Recommendation: If you're about that life - READ it!

Audience: Young adults and up

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