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"Yummy: The Last Days of a Southside Shorty" by G. Neri, Illustrated by Randy DuBurke


PUBLISHER: Lee & Low Books

PUBLISHED DATE: July 30, 2010

ISBN: 978-1584302674


Powerful graphic novel about an 11 year old who gained notoriety for his involvement in the murder of a girl in his Chicago neighborhood, and his membership in a gang. This novel is based on a true story. The illustrations as well as the narration of a fictitious narrator tell how Robert Sandifer "Yummy" gain national attention and even landed the coveted spot on Time magazine by leading a short life of crime. Abused from infancy until death, this is the narrative for a lot of inner city youth, and the complexity of the issue is treated with tenderness and honesty. I really appreciated this book. This was one of the books featured at the BookTalkers May 2016 discussion of Graphic Novels in YA.

Recommendation: Required Reading.

Audience: Young Adults and Up

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