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"Bucking the Sarge" by Christopher Paul Curtis

PUBLISHER: Laurel Leaf


ISBN: 978-0440413318

PAGES: 288

I loved this book! Bucking the Sarge is well written, funny, contemporary, and at this point a solid classic. I adored it and gobbled it up.

Luther T. Farrell is the hard working son of the Sarge. The Sarge is a woman in the tradition of drug dealers and CEOs...she intends to milk the system for whatever's it worth by any means necessary. Unlike a drug dealer, Sarge's preferred method of making sharking (...though Sarge prefers not to call it that) through her "Friendly Neighbor Loan" business that charges high interest rates to borrowers, slum lording, and by running group homes for the youth and the elderly - both of which she runs on meager staff and funding and keeping a majority of the profits for herself.

Luther T. Farrell is the envy of his friends. With a tight whip, money in the bank, and prospects to attend the college of his choice, it seems Luther has it made. I really can't say any more. If you haven't read this book already, you really should.

Recommendation: Absolutely! Read it!

Audience: Young Adults (12 yrs old and up)

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