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"Solemn" by Kalisha Buckhanon

TITLE: Solemn


ISBN: 978-1250091598

PAGES: 304

A lyrical book in the language of the Mississippi bottom tells the story of a quirky black girl - curious, observant, and non conforming. As a girl she's astute to her father's affair with a Miss Pearl Hassle. She then is the only eye witness to the murder of her half sister who is dropped in the well by Miss Hassle's violent husband.

This story is about the invisibility of black women and children. How merciless our society can be to groups deemed unimportant. How talents, dreams, and spirits are sacrificed by invisibility. Strong indictments of the criminal justice system, juvenile incarceration system, and educational system make this a strong read. The writing is in the tradition of Morrison and Walker, so be prepared for a literary feast.

Recommendation: Read it!

Audience: Millennials and up

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