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"Hold Me in Contempt: A Romance" by Wendy Williams

PUBLISHED DATE: April 15, 2014

ISBN: 978-0062268419

PAGES: 336

Now...I don't have many teen girls in my library. My typical patron is an African American male between the ages of 15 and 18. I get at least 50 of them a day. I don't get nearly as many of the young ladies, but the ones I do have a hard core readers. And when I say hard core - I mean that they are regimented in their reading, and that they tend to like the tougher street books. I've seen this book passed among a few of the young ladies who come into my library, so when I saw the audiobook become available on my library's Overdrive app, I checked it out.

Having grown up on Ms. Wendy Williams' radio show and now TV show, I really think the television show host should stick to gossip, and leave the writing for the writers. Not only was this book all over the place, hit on every stereotype plaguing the African American community. I was disappointed, but not surprised. I mean...I have listened to Wendy's radio show, and watched her TV show. ( grandfather has even admitted to being a fan of her "Hot Topics" segment.)

Kim Kind is a successful lawyer with a thuggish brother who likes sex vacations to Brazil. Kim Kind finds herself entangled in romantic rendezvous with both her boss and a street-wise Justin Timberlake/David Beckham knock off. As her love allegiances are strained, the lawyer's life takes another twist when she gets into a car accident, and develops a dependency on pills. Obviously, this book is hitting the right notes with a certain audience, it just didn't do much for me.

Recommendation: If you're a Wendy Stan and like steamy novels, this is a double dose of fun.

Audience: Millenials and up (...even though the teenie bop set seems to like it.)

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