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"Fated" by Alyson Noel

TITLE: Fated

AUTHOR: Alyson Noel

PUBLISHED DATE: May 22, 2012

ISBN: 978-0312664855

PAGES: 368

Well...this book was an...experience...

It was recommended to me by one of the teens. I do try to read books recommended to me by my teens! So I gave this one a try. At first it seemed like it might be interesting. Daire Santos (I love this name Daire...) has what appears to be a psychotic episode on plane after having another episode at a celebrity party where she mauled a famous actor. She's taken to be evaluated at a psychiatric hospital, where they try to get to the bottom of Daire's visions of demons and murders of crows. While everyone is convinced that Daire's sightings are mental, Daire can't be convinced that her visions aren't real. Daire's older sister, Jennika sends her sister to live with the Grandmother Daire's never met. The Grandmother seems to know what's going on...Daire is a SoulSeeker. Her episodes are powers and she must learn to eat differently, behave differently, and listen to her visions instead of being alarmed by them.

I've read books similar to this, and the story was a bit all over the place. I'm sure all the information about the spirit world and spirit animal guides were attractive to the teen who recommended this book to me, but for me it wasn't enough.

Recommendation: If it's your cup of tea, brew it strong and enjoy it.

Audience: Young Adults (Grade 7 and up)

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