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"Promises Kept" by Erosa Knowles

PUBLISHED DATE: March 1, 2013

ISBN: 978-1937334239

PAGES: 238


This book is very steamy, so read with caution and keep a fire extinguisher on hand, because you're gonna need it.

21 Year old Karyn is now responsible to take care of her younger siblings. She's a young co-ed nearing graduation, and sees a lifeline when she goes into the campus health office and sees an advertisement for a surrogate. After going through a lengthy interview process, she is selected by a wealthy white couple, looking for a beautiful intelligent African American woman to conceive and bear their first child. Though the book claims that the couple wishes for surrogacy, they wish for the child to be both biological and biracial...uh surrogacy doesn't work that way. This was the first clue the true intentions and build up of this book. Clearly---this is a straight up sex book, and author tries to make the reader as sympathetic to the husband as possible. After the wife dies, the husband decides to continue to fulfill the wife's desire to use this young black woman as a surrogate....with a lot of stipulations. 1) If Karyn can't get pregnant with in-vitro she has to allow the husband, Cannon, to impregnate her through traditional sexual intercourse. (Yeah....right....) 2) She has to live in the house with the husband, and she has to agree to continue to have sex with the man into the pregnancy. (I know....I know!!!!! Creepy) It was clear that the author has a way with words, but this book had a lot of gaps in the plot.

Recommendation: If you really want to read a sex book disguised as a book about surrogacy.

Audience: Mature Adults only

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