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"Disgruntled" by Asali Solomon

PUBLISHED DATE: February 3, 2015

ISBN: 978-0374140342

PAGES: 304 face...trying to figure out why this wasn't marketed as a young adult book for African Americans?

Anyway - this book was a solid read about a girl named Kenya who come from an unorthodox black family that was a part of the Philadelphia 1980's MOVE movement. Her father, a leader of this organization, grew up in a middle class black family surrounded by white people, and it's safe to say he grew up with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Kenya's mother, Sheila, grew up in the projects, and though she shared similar beliefs of the movement, hers were nowhere near to extent of the eccentric John Brown. After Sheila discovers that John Brown is in love with another female member of their group, The Days, and that this woman is carrying John Brown's child

I really want to tell you what happens next...but it's better if you read it and see for yourself. Kenya is left in an alternate world. A world where she's struggles to fit in on Philly's main line, a world where her activist mother now perms her hair, a place where she learns some ugly truths about her parents' marriage. This new world, just doesn't make sense to her, and results in Kenya making decisions that lack hope.

Audience: I would recommend this to a teen...I'm just saying. But the publisher has it for Millenials and up.

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