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"Handbook for Boys: A Novel" by Walter Dean Myers


PUBLISHED DATE: April 1, 2003

ISBN: 978-0064409308

PAGES: 211

I know this book is for teens. It's probably the book every teen boy's parents wish he were reading. It's preachy for sure, full of barbershop wisdom and life lesson clichés. Jimmy and Kevin are two average boys, who use words like "jive" and end every sentence with "man". After narrowly escaping the juvenile detention center, the boys get sentenced to attend a community mentoring center where they are lectured about the benefits of reading, and of work, and of having Christian-like morals.

Recommendation: If you have a personal quest to read all of the late great Walter Dean Myers' novels, go right on ahead, and help yourself!

Audience: Young Adults (Grade 8 and up)

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