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"A School of Dolls" by Paige Lohan

AUTHOR: Paige Lohan

PUBLISHED DATE: August 29, 2015

ISBN: 978-0989084567

PAGES: 200

There were many things I appreciated about this book, and many things that I really didn't like - things that would make it difficult for a self respecting Fabularian like myself to recommend to young adult readers.... Having said that, since many of the themes in this book are relatable to African American transgender/lgbtqia teens, I would still keep a copy for my teens.

Joe and Luke are brutally beaten by fellow team mates on the football squad for dancing too feminine to Beyonce's "Drunk in Love". (...what Beyonce makes us do!) Their mother, sick with Cancer, and worried about her sons sends them to live with her obese alcoholic sister in Baltimore, who quickly decides to dress the boys up as girls so they can fit in at school and not be harassed. Her own caveat - they can't have any boyfriends.... Yeah...seriously. So...Joe and Luke, morph into Joanna and Lolita. Joe has deep reservations about dressing as a woman, but Luke hops on board full throttle. The two end up in some very questionable and explicit situations that make it difficult for the two of them to full their promise to their Auntie. Questions of identity, addressing bullying of lgbtqia teens are all addressed in this "street ya". I cringed at the gratuitous use of the words "nigga" and "bitch".

Recommendation: If you're really into street lit, then this is for you.

Audience: Young Adults (17+)

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