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"Bone Gap" by Laura Ruby

TITLE: Bone Gap

AUTHOR: Laura Ruby

PUBLISHER: Balzer & Bray

PUBLISHED DATE: March 1, 2015

ISBN: 978-0062317605

PAGES: 368

I think I need to read this book again.

It's won the Printz Award for goodness sake! It must be good right?!

This book has been on my To Read list for forever, so when it won the most prestigious YA award this year, I no longer had an excuse not to read it.

The story is lyrical, original and a fantastical blend of magic and realism - and I'd be a straight up liar if I didn't admit there were parts of the book where I was a little lost. I did read the audiobook, and perhaps that wasn't helpful to me. In other reviews I have read that others felt the same as I, and that on a second read this book is richer and clearer. I'm not necessarily in a position to give it a second chance right now, but I'll put it back on my list.

Recommendation: Read it! Savor it...don't speed listen to it, like I did.

Audience: Young Adults (Grade 10 and up)

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