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"Not If I See You First" by Eric Lindstrom

PUBLISHED: December 1, 2015



PRICE: $9.99

PAGES: Digital

I didn't find the storyline to be particularly unique - -

however, comma

- - I did find the character to be very unique. Parker is fiesty, opinionated, original, and blind. After losing her father (pill overdose or suicide), Parker's Aunt and family move into her home to look after her. As if losing her father is not enough - she has boy trouble and friend trouble, and all of the drama of any typical teenager. Although I really liked Parker, it wasn't enough to make this story particularly interesting or moving in any profound way. There were moments that were great, but overall I just found myself waiting for the book to be over. I do think there is a strong potential for teens who are different to identify with Parker. She is a very strong character - although she is blind, she runs track - she has very real friendships - she even has two guys fighting over her - she has her own home and all of the anguish that comes with people she doesn't like moving into it.

I like her alot.

Do I think teens will like it? Probably. It's relatable, accessible, and Parker is cool. I think it'll read better for younger teens, though. I'm just saying!

Recommendation: If you want. But I wouldn't say run out and go get it.

Audience: Young Adults

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