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"Sins of the Father" by Thelonious Legend

TITLE: Sins of the Father

AUTHOR: Thelonious Legend

PUBLISHER: TheLegend Publishing

PUBLISHED DATE: February 16, 2014

ISBN: 978-0615961125

PAGES: 240

I really enjoyed this! It's gems like this that keep me coming back to indies. Please excuse me while I *swoon*.

Sins of the Father is a recipe of black girl magic + Blackish + action/ninja/fantasy that is witty satisfying, and glorious.

Gwen, Ana, and Eve are endowed with super abilities. They are smart, charming naturalistas who take on bullies, incompetent teachers, and federal agents foolish enough to trifle with them. Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Parker are giving me Andre and Rainbow with a zesty merlot. This is a fairly sophisticated middle grade that could satiate older readers as well as adults.

Sins of the Father Review AKA The Awesome Parker Sisters: Kayti Edition

Recommendation: Read it!

Audience: Middle grade and up

*I received this ebook from the author.

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