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"Pinned" by Sharon G. Flake

TITLE: Pinned

PUBLISHER: Scholastic Press

PUBLISHED DATE: October 1, 2012

ISBN: 978-0545057189

PAGES: 240

Pinned is the story of Autumn and Adonis. Autumn is a champion wrestler who hates to read. Adonis is a boy born without legs who love learning. Autumn is smitten by Adonis, who's feeling are not mutual. This story alludes to Autumn having problems with reading, but it does not provide an actual medical diagnosis as to why Autumn cannot read. Autumn blames everyone accept herself on why she doesn't read better. It's her parent's fault because they were always working and didn't prioritize reading. It's her teacher's fault that class is boring. She like to wrestle, and has a natural instinct for it, so she feels that she should only be able to wrestle...and flirt and have a big crush on Adonis.

Adonis, who initially is not impressed by this girl who cannot read, but he is not match for her big personality, and physically fit body that she loves to show off. Adonis is unnerved by the girl, but what can he do? This book was okay for me. There are a lot of students like Autumn, who don't like to read, and those like Autumn's friend - who cheat. The story minorly addresses the notion that it's, "...better to have an honest F than a dishonest A". I'd have liked more from the characters and the story overall.

Recommendation: If you're craving an intersectional story...even though I think Flake's trying to portray Autumn as slightly learning disabled...I just thought she was lazy. I honestly can't give it my highest recommendation. Perhaps Adonis is worth the read. He's sharp.

Audience: Young Adults and up

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