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"My Soul to Lose: Soul Screamers .5" by Rachel Vincent

PUBLISHED DATE: July 8, 2009


FORMAT: Audiobook

Narrator: Amanda Ronconi

This was a short enjoyable read about Kaylee Cavanaugh, a teen girl with secret abilities. A very public panic attack gets Kaylee an expedited trip to a psychiatric unit. Kaylee's worst fears about herself are bubbling to the surface, and everyone, even her closest friends and family members are convinced that Kaylee is a nut job. The only person not convinced that Kaylee is insane is a girl in the psych ward who also has some special abilities of her own. This is a fast gripping prequel that makes for a satisfying introduction to the series.

Recommendation: If you like teen psych thrillers - this is for you!

Audience: Young Adults

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