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BookTalkers: Science Fiction

We had so much FUN!

Today we talked about Science Fiction books, and I thought I did a good job of covering a wide range of titles, topics, time periods, as well as featuring diverse characters. We had everything from Flowers to Algernon by Daniel Keyes to The Six by Mark Alpert. I even had a lengthy discussion with a 15 year old about Feed by M. T. Anderson.

It. was. lit.

I also surprised the kids by busting out some good old fashioned cooking utensils to make some easy peasy dessert and a colorful teen friendly mocktail. They raved over it.



  • Instant Chocolate Pudding

  • Instant Vanilla Pudding

  • Whipped Cream

  • Oreo Cookies

  • Milk

  • Gummy Worms


Empty instant pudding packets in a large bowl. Add milk. (There are directions on the box about how much milk to add - but I was having none of that.) Add Whipped cream. (This kicks the creaminess into high gear real quick.) Add gummy worms. Crush your oreo cookies. You can crush them in a bag, crumple them up with your fingers, or take a hammer and bang the crap out of them! Then add them to your mixture. You can put it inside the pudding, or add after you've added your pudding mixture to your serving cup or bowl. Then, sit back and enjoy after all 5 minutes of not-so-hard-work is over.

"Colorful Mocktail"


  • Kool Aide (Instead of Kool Aide packers, I got the plastic juice bottles that squeeze neatly into an ice cube tray.)

  • Sprite


Carefully squeeze the Kool Aide into an ice cube tray. Then freeze for about 4 hours. When the ice cubes are frozen solid, put them in a cup, pour some sprite over it, and have yourself a ball.

Wanna see how easy it was? Check it out for yourself!

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