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NBA2K16 Tournament: Cops vs Teens

On Friday, April 22 I hosted an NBA2K16 Tournament where the East Orange Police Department played against the teens. We had pizza, hot wings, chips and sweet tea. We tweaked only a few things from the Madden Tournament. Instead of the Madden game, we played the basketball version, and though not as many police officers joined us, we did have a lot of teens, and the Mayor's aide played a round! 7-eleven opened up across the street, and with $5 for large pizzas, I just went on and bout 6 pies, and I bought 60 hot wings. The food came to about $75. I also purchased prepaid credit cards as prizes. I purchased the games on Amazon for $39.99 a piece.

I am very appreciative to the EOPD for participating in this event! Now, the teens are trying to get a FIFA tournament!

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