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"Here in Harlem" by Walter Dean Myers

PUBLISHER: Holiday House

PUBLISHED DATE: March 1, 2009

ISBN: 978-0823422128


What better way to celebrate Black History Month than to read poems and stories about the Harlem Rennaissance written by the late great Walter Dean Myers!

I found this audiobook on my library's Overdrive app, and listened to it in just under a day. The book is a series of poems writing about the fictional experiences of everyday people in Harlem...stories of clerks, high school basketball players, town gossips, and churchmembers. The audiobook is set to jazz with hints of "world" music (some type of synthesized inauthentic African drum rhythms.)

I could imagine this audiobook being played in a class. I doesn't really read or present itself like anything an actual teenager would pick up on their own, but it seems perfect for a class on the Harlem Rennaissance, or poetry, or African American Literature.

Recommendation: If you're ever teaching a class about the Harlem Rennaissance - this is it!

Audience: Young Adults (Grade 7 and up), Millenials and Beyond, Old School

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