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"Modern Romance" by Aziz Ansari

AUTHOR: Aziz Ansari

PUBLISHER: Penguin Press

PUBLISHED DATE: June 16, 2015

ISBN: 978-1594206276

PAGES: 288

Loved, loved, loved this book! Whether you're married, single, in an open relationship, in a single awareness program, in a need to read this book.

I listened to the audiobook, and it was awesome. (****Thanks Aziz for calling out the lazy - or hands too full so I listen when I can't actually "read" the book).

Funny, informative, enlightening, hip - this book has everything in it about the evolution of society and the how technology plays a not-so-invisible-hand in shifting the way we all interact with each other. This isn't just another funny book about a comedian. This is a carefully researched body of work that uses anecdotal as well as statistical research from the dating landscapes of not only the United States, but Tokyo, Paris, and Buenos Aires.

Aziz's reading of the audiobook was exceptional. I was cracking up throughout the book! I mean...Aziz Ansari's southern accent is magical - and the fact that he thought so too, and used it gratuitously when reading the comments of the particpants in his sociological study was just to rich! Listen to the book, then go out and get a print copy so you can look at all the pictures, charts, and graphs. Believe me, this one is worth it.

Recommendation: Read it!

Audience: Millenials and Beyond

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