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Guest Speaker: Darrell Pone, MD

Last night I had the honor of listening to one of the most incredible human beings I have ever met in my entire life.

His name is Darrell Pone, MD. He's been practicing rehabilitative medicine for more than 35 years. He is a motivational speaker who speaks to companies, groups, libraries, and events. He was recently featured in a documentary called Black Suburbia: From Levittown to Ferguson. He has done all of these marvelous things, and was born with cerebral palsy.

Dr. Pone came to speak to the teens here in our library about perseverance. Who better to give such a speech than he! He spoke to a packed audience - a rough audience - teenagers after school typically lack the capacity to sit still and listen to a speech. But they did! By the end of Dr. Pone's speech, he gave them a quiz, and they got all of the answers right! Dr. Pone gifted copies of his book, We've Come This Far By Faith, to all attendees of the event. They even stood in line to have the books they won as prizes, signed by the illustrious doctor.

Invite a dynamic speaker to your next library event! I highly recommend Dr. Darrell Pone!

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