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"Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe" by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

PUBLISHED DATE: April 1, 2014

ISBN: 978-1442408937

PAGES: 368

I loved this book. This was a beautiful love story about friendship, acceptance, and discovering yourself.

I loved this book from the first page to the last - and frequently rave about this book to anyone who will listen.

Aristotle is a young adult who feels pretty detached from his peers. He's weirded out by how guys talk about girls, he wants to know why his parents won't talk about his brother who's in prison, and he can't figure out why his dad is so angry. All of these secrets of the universe remain a mystery to him until he meets Dante - a compassionate young man filled with positive energy and very thoughtful about the world - I mean the guy is crazy about his parents! Who does that!?

When Dante is beaten up by some neighborhood bullies, Aristotle seeks revenge. I mean, who'd want to beat up a kid who's crazy about worn out shoes and his parents?! And these two young men stumble upon the answers to all of the secrets of their universe and more.

Recommendation: Read it and then recommend it to everyone you know!

Audience: Young Adults (Grades 9 - 12)

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